Price List

The following prices are in US dollars and are for smooth gunners like those shown in the gallery, weighted and ready to hunt. For things like caribou tail inserts on the longtailed ducks or the moose antler insert thorns on eiders I have to charge a bit more.

As far as species of wood used, I keep a good supply of poplar and cedar on hand, but Sitka spruce is unpredictable. I don't use hens much in my own rig, but I will make them if asked, for the same price as drakes. Please note that I DON'T MAKE DECOYS IN THE SUMMERTIME as that is outdoor season here. After spending many days indoors over the winter it just seems wrong to not be outside as much as possible when the nice weather hits. My family and I go travelling, fishing and camping for most of July and August, so if you are trying to get ahold of me then, I'm just not around until late Aug usually.

Shipping Charges

No handling fee, just actual postage using Canada Post.



Species Price ($US)
Ringneck $200.00
Tufted Duck $200.00
Red Head $200.00
Bluebill $200.00
Pochard $250.00
Canvasback $250.00
Common Merganser $250.00
Goldeneye $250.00
Harlequin $250.00
Old Squaw-wooden tail $250.00
Scoter $250.00
Smooth Eider $250.00
Canvas geese $325.00
Loon - Pacific or Common $400.00
Geese (cedar) $400.00
Heron - full size $500.00
Swan (canvas or cedar) Special Order